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About Andreas Farmakalidis

Immigrant, Educator, Veteran, Business owner and Community Leader


Andreas' Background

Meet Andreas Farmakalidis, a proud immigrant hailing from the picturesque island of Cyprus. His journey is one of remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication. Starting with a Bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music, Andreas laid the foundation for a unique path. His thirst for knowledge led him to earn two Master's degrees—one in Music from Brandeis University and another in Political Science from Harvard University. 

In addition to his academic pursuits, Andreas also forged a successful career as a musician as well as a film composer, demonstrating his passion for the arts. Today, he stands as the proud owner of California MusicBox, a renowned music school/studio in Northridge, where his commitment to education and the arts shines brightly.

What truly sets Andreas apart is his deep devotion to his community. His active involvement in various organizations, such as the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce, United Chambers, his role as a Rotarian, and his association with Anchor Bell Lodge, showcases his dedication to making a difference. Andreas was a pivotal member of the education connection committee, facilitating partnerships between schools and businesses, which significantly expanded education opportunities in district 3. He's also a notable figure in the political sphere, collaborating with the chamber of commerce on introducing and suggesting changes on key bills like the ourdoor dining, artists taxation, music fairness act, and SBA authorization.

Andreas, a veteran, has received numerous accolades for his contributions to both music and the community, including state, senate and congressional recognitions. LAUSD is in need of a fresh voice, and Andreas is the proven leader who continually strives for improvement.

Behind this dynamic figure is a loving family man. Andreas is happily married to his partner, Alexis Lopez, and is the proud father of one-year-old Mavis. His altruistic spirit shines through in his tireless service to the community, always seeking ways to give back.

His collaboration with diverse organizations, alongside his role as a business advocate with assembly members, exemplifies his dedication to fostering positive change and growth. With a rich background in music, education, community service, and military service, Andreas Farmakalidis remains an inspiring figure who continues to make a lasting impact. Join him on his journey to champion progress for LAUSD District 3.

Andreas' Vision for LAUSD District 3

Andreas Farmakalidis' vision for LAUSD District 3 is to create a district that empowers its students and teachers. He believes that every student deserves access to quality education and that every teacher deserves to be supported in their profession. His commitment to equity and inclusion will ensure that every student, regardless of their background or zip code, is represented and supported in the district. Join Andreas on this journey to bring progressive change to LAUSD District 3.

Our Mission

Equity and Inclusion for All

At Andreas Farmakalidis' campaign, we believe that equity and inclusion are fundamental to creating a district that supports its students and teachers. We are committed to creating policies that reflect the needs of our diverse community and to ensuring that every student has access to quality education. Our approach is to listen to the needs of our community, to build coalitions with stakeholders, and to create policies that reflect our shared values. Together, we can create a district that empowers its students and teachers and prepares them for success in the 21st century.

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